Magnetic foils - extra strong, printable, inscribable and versatile

Are you looking for a practical and robust promotional item for indoors and outdoors? You have found it: Magnetic foil is versatile, can be removed without leaving any residue and is ideal at the point of sale, in trade fair construction or, for example, on vehicles such as driving school cars, construction site vehicles or vehicle fleets. We carry a wide range of magnetic foils for every application: extra strong, inscribable and much more. The magnetic stickers adhere to all ferrous surfaces (metals). They are reusable and adhere to metal surfaces such as vehicle bodies.

What can you use our magnetic foil for?

You can find magnetic foil and magnetic stickers in different qualities and thicknesses. For example, we carry magnetic foils with a white surface. These are excellent for printing or labeling. You can use magnetic stickers, for example, on and for whiteboards, on vehicles and on any metal surface. They can be removed at any time without leaving any residue and do not damage paintwork or other surfaces.

What materials are magnetic foils made of?

Our magnetic foils are magnetized on the back, the surface remains untreated. Therefore, you can attach the foil to all ferromagnetic surfaces. Since the back is magnetic, it adheres to the surface without adhesive. You can have the magnetic foil printed or labeled, which makes it ideal for indoor use, at the point of sale or in trade fair construction.

How do we print your magnetic foil and magnetic stickers?

We print magnetic foil with digital printing. Because digital printing is the ideal solution when you need your printed product

  • quickly
  • in highest quality
  • and in a small print run

and in small print runs. But we are also happy to supply you with unprinted blanks made of magnetic foil. We have various cutting machines at our disposal, so that we can also produce very large blanks for you made to measure.

What do magnetic foils and magnetic stickers stick to?

Magnetic foils adhere to metal surfaces such as vehicle bodies. An example of use: You provide your driving school car with a magnetic logo during the driving lesson. After the driving lesson, you remove the magnetic foil and can use the vehicle for private journeys. Our magnetic foils can be removed without leaving any residue and the paint remains completely undamaged. Therefore, you can also mark a car company fleet with magnetic foil. If the purpose or intended use of the vehicles changes, you can quickly and easily adapt the labeling thanks to the magnetic foil.

Why Spektral-Druck?

Quality is important to us, as well as a fair and favorable price-performance ratio. Spektral-Druck brings 30 years of experience, as well as in comprehensive portfolio, all major printing techniques and much more. Try us and we will convince you of our know-how and our service. Just tell us what you need - we'll take care of it.