Plastic signs - from PVC, rigid PVC, Forex, signs and advertising signs

We are happy to custom manufacture rigid PVC signs for advertising, marketing, trade, craft and industry. Whether content information, texts or machine numbers, rigid PVC signs are versatile and robust. You can get the signs and advertising signs made of PVC in a wide variety of colors and shapes according to your wishes. The signs are quick and easy to assemble, because we deliver:

  • Self-adhesive signs with adhesive on the back.
  • Signs with holes in the desired places
  • With protective laminate

Rigid PVC signs are a durable and high quality solution for nameplates, inventory signs, cable markings, control cabinet markings, for in-plant identification and advertising signs.

Collian tag (Collian hanger) made of PVC, strip steel, cardboard or composite film

Especially in the area of collars, we offer a wide variety of colors. Depending on how you want to use the labels, we offer rounded corners as well as collian tags with hole or eyeleted for easy attachment. Whether as hangtags, industrial labels or advertising material, whether printed or for self-labeling: You tell us what you need, we deliver the desired collian hangers.

Here you can find our sign store.

Customized rigid PVC company signs

For robust and durable signs, we rely on rigid PVC, which we have in stock in various thicknesses and colors. Most often we use rigid PVC for advertising and industrial signs in the thickness from 0.2 to 3 mm.

Printing rigid PVC

Which printing is the best technique for your sign depends on the location and the number of signs. Usually we use the UV digital printing. Here we can adjust the height accordingly with the print head, as we use rigid PVC sheets with different thickness. If UV digital printing is not right for your sign, screen printing is a perfect alternative. Screen printing gives the rigid PVC sign a very high quality and durable printed image.

Signs for business, industry and B2B

Our rigid PVC signs can be used across all industries. In addition, we are happy to offer specialized solutions for your industries.

Why Spektral-Druck?

Quality is important to us, as well as a fair and favorable price-performance ratio. With over 30 years of experience and our top service, we can offer some special solutions for your needs. You can rely on our many years of experience and our extensive material stock - we will be happy to produce your desired sign! Test us and we will convince you of our know-how and our service. Just tell us what you need - we'll take care of it.

Why rigid PVC signs from Spektral-Druck?

What speaks for us:

  • Short delivery times thanks to large stock
  • Consistently high quality
  • Top service and comprehensive advice.

We have just about all printing techniques and possibilities at our disposal. In our sign store you are sure to find the product you are looking for. And should we ever not have something on offer, we will always find a solution for you. In addition, our customers appreciate us for our top service and comprehensive advice. If you don't know us yet - try us out, we look forward to meeting you.