Aluminum signs for B2B: with engraving, self-adhesive, printed, anodized and much more...

Signs made of anodized aluminum or aluminum composite are an ideal solution if you want to label or mark something permanently and with high quality. You can get signs in different sizes, colored anodized, self-adhesive equipped, engraved, drilled and much more. Typical application examples for aluminum signs are nameplates, inventory signs, cable labeling, control cabinet labeling, warning signs, prohibition signs, advertising signs, perimeter advertising, etc.

Alupress signs with embossing

In addition to engraving, embossing is also in high demand: these Alupress signs get a scratch-resistant baked enamel finish. They are an inexpensive way to permanently mark something indoors and outdoors. For example, you can clearly highlight a symbol and a red border. The sign has a three-dimensional effect and thus gets increased attention thanks to the special manufacturing with a stove enamel finish and embossing.

Laser engraving and other printing techniques for aluminum signs

You can get aluminum signs from us especially for B2B needs, which we can process for you in different ways:

  • engraved
  • anodized in color
  • embossed
  • screen printed with 2K ink

Each of these printing techniques is very durable in combination with aluminum.

Front panels made of aluminum, anodized in color

Sub-anodizing is a special printing process that only works in conjunction with open-pore aluminum. In sub-anodizing printing, the ink is not printed on, but printed under the surface of the aluminum and then compressed. This produces a print that is smudge- and scratch-resistant as well as resistant to oil and thinner. Even finger sweat cannot harm the print for years. Because of these advantages, sub-anodized printing is used particularly frequently for front panels, as the print does not come off even when constantly handled over many years.

Aluminum signs self-adhesive, rectangular, with hole: further processing, accessories and fastening

Rectangular shapes, round shapes, rounded corners, self-adhesive aluminum signs or signs with drilling: we manufacture your sign for you custom-made and according to your wishes. We also provide you with various mounting options such as tubular posts, ground spikes, fence mesh attachments, pipe clamps and other accessories.

Ideal for the following industries:

Our exclusive and high quality aluminum signs are basically used across industries and are suitable for any industry. In addition, we offer specialized solutions for every B2B need. Our customers in the mechanical engineering, petroleum and chemical industries have particularly high demand. Whether you need a single information sign or several hundred type plates, Spektral-Druck realizes every customer requirement and is happy to be there for you.

Why aluminum signs from Spektral-Druck

We manufacture your signs especially for B2B needs, for industry and trade. In addition, we have a large stock of warning signs, mandatory signs and prohibition signs made of aluminum. We can deliver these immediately. You need an individual sign? Our top service will convince and inspire you, we are sure. Spektral-Druck is a specialist for signs and we have the right solution for you. Order your high-quality warning sign, mandatory sign or prohibition sign made of aluminum now: To the online store: Order aluminum signs now