Markings by means of labels and signs

Markings and marking systems are used in many different ways. For example, in the form of safety signs, operating instructions, as barcode labels or as escape route markings. Markings and labeling systems are used both internally and externally in industry, commerce and trade. As a rule, labeling allows you to warn of something, pass on important information or make something clear. At Spektral-Druck you can get labels and markings on PVC film or aluminum, photoluminescent or particularly durable and strongly adhesive.

Printing techniques for outdoor labels, markings and markings

You tell us for which purpose you need an identification, marking or, for example, an outdoor label. Depending on the intended use, the planned duration of use and the substrate on which the label is to adhere, we offer you the ideal material and the appropriate printing technology for it. For small runs, for example, we usually use digital printing, large quantities we realize by screen printing, and we use anodic printing for markings and, for example, safety signs made of aluminum. Here you can find our assortment in the area of markings. You are looking for something else or the desired product is not listed? Please contact us and we will find a solution.

What material do I need for my markings?

The material from which your labeling, operating instructions, symbols, safety signs, etc. are made depends on the substrate and the type of mounting. Is it an uneven, rough surface? Are there extreme weather conditions? Or a high exposure to UV radiation? Spektral-Druck brings over 30 years of experience to the table, we always have a solution even for unusual requirements. Just tell us what you need and where the marking will be used. Then we can offer you the right material and the ideal printing technique.

How can we process your marking?

How would you like to use your labeling? Cut to final size? Or applied to a sheet, with multiple markings on one sheet? Or on a roll for easy finishing? Just let us know what you need or how you want to apply or use your marking. We offer very many different forms of further processing and deliver the marking as practically as possible for you.

Labeling and marking suitable for your industry

Our markings and labels are used in mechanical engineering and plant construction, in the mineral oil industry, in the automotive sector or for the marking of and in buildings. In addition, we offer markings for just about every industry. Do you have very special requirements? Please do not hesitate to ask us, we will certainly be able to help you.

Markings of Spektral-Druck

Quality is important to us, as is a fair and favorable price-performance ratio. Especially for markings, we believe that a comprehensive consultation is important for a result that meets your ideas and requirements. Test us and we will convince you of our know-how and our service. Just tell us what you need - we will do it.