Roll labels - labels on the roll

The labels on the roll Spektral-Druck produces for B2B (trade, craft, industry) entirely as desired. You can get from us roll labels adhesive, removable, made of paper or foil. The labels are printed on a roll, which makes machine processing easier and faster. However, the rolls are also suitable for further processing by hand.

Print roll labels

The great advantage of self-adhesive labels on a roll: Like standard adhesive labels, they can also be used in a variety of ways. In addition, handling them as a roll is easier and faster. You can use them to mark or label products, goods, parts and more. For example, we are happy to print roll labels with information about the contents, prices, addresses, hazard warnings and more. We are also happy to supply roll labels for your shipping department. Another example are booklet labels: These can be applied to almost any container. To ensure perfect adhesion, we are happy to produce special labels on rolls for flat or round containers.

Roll labels blank

Of course, we also supply the roll labels blank for your own individual further processing. Whether printable labels for the thermal printer or for a thermal transfer printer, we supply you with the right label material for all common printers. By the way, we also carry thermal transfer ribbons - feel free to ask us for an offer.

What material are the roll labels made of?

You can get labels on rolls of PVC, PP, PET- PE films and adhesive papers from us. If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to ask us. Once we know where and on what surface the labels will be used, we will be happy to recommend the ideal material.

Printing techniques for roll labels

Whether letterpress, screen printing or digital printing, you can get the ideal labels for your requirements from us. Decisive for the choice of printing technique is the desired number of roll labels, how many colors the label should have and where it will be applied. Do you want a protective varnish or laminate to protect the label? We are happy to do that as well. Just ask us!

What else can we do for your roll labels?

For labels or adhesive labels on the roll Spektral-Druck offers the right solution for every purpose for easy handling in labeling. Just tell us how you need the labels, we will be happy to implement it.

  • Outward or inward wrapping?
  • Sleeve diameter?
  • Label spacing?
  • How many labels per roll?
  • What is the maximum outside diameter of the rolls?

Just let us know, we have many options for further processing for roll labels.

Dispenser boxes for roll labels

You can use our reliable label dispenser boxes made of sturdy cardboard flexibly and mobile. For stationary use, we recommend our tabletop label dispensers.

  • The models 90, 120 and 180 are each equipped with 1 divider.
  • The model 300 has 5 dividers plus 1 fastening bar.

The divider of the dispenser boxes, where available, can be removed again on all models. Furthermore, additional dividers can be added at any time on all models. The label peel-off mechanism is individually adjustable on all models. The maximum diameter of the label roll is 150 mm.

For which industries do we produce roll labels?

Our roll labels can be used across all industries. In addition, we are happy to provide specialized solutions for your industries, if needed. Typical areas of application are:

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical technology
  • Food industry

Why Spektral-Druck?

Quality is important to us, as is a fair and favorable price-performance ratio. In addition, we offer numerous materials, printing techniques and finishing options. Try us out and we'll convince you of our know-how and service, too. Just tell us what you need - we'll take care of it.