Inspection stickers according to DGUV or VDE, inspection stickers, inspection labels


Test badges according to current standards such as DGUV or VDE, test stickers, test labels and much more can be found at Spektral-Druck. Order now online test labels like

  • Individual inspection stickers
  • Inspection stickers with logo
  • Calibration marks
  • Repair marking
  • Piping marking /flow direction marking
  • Flow marking
  • Security labels
  • Inventory signs
  • and much more.

Do you need a special industry-specific solution for your inspection labels? We have every solution you need, especially for medical technology, the petroleum industry, gas station requirements, and measurement technology - for example, inspection labels for scales or meters for electricity and gas.

What exactly is an inspection sticker and what do I need to pay attention to?

An inspection sticker (or assessment sticker) can be used to prove that a monitored item is functioning properly and is inspected regularly. An inspection sticker is a test mark that not only states that the object functioned in accordance with the standards or legal regulations on the day of inspection. As a rule, it can also be read off when the next maintenance must take place.

What material should my inspection sticker be made of?

Most of the test badges are made of PVC film. Document foil is very popular among them. Do you know Void? A material that destroys when attempted to be removed, leaving a "checkerboard" pattern or lettering. This makes the product or item absolutely tamper-proof and protected from being removed without authorization. We offer a wide range of materials for a variety of uses. With our experience and your information, we can produce the perfect inspection sticker for your area of application. Whether on aluminum, on glass or on plastics - feel free to let us know where the inspection sticker will be applied.

Buy test badges online

Please take a look at our sign store: Here you will find many of our test badges, basic badges and matching accessories.

Which printing technique is the right one for my test badge?

Whether screen printing, letterpress printing or digital printing: the intended use and further processing play a major role in the choice of printing technique. If the test badges are to be very durable, we recommend screen printing. If you only need a small number of pieces, digital printing is perfect.

What else can we do for your inspection sticker?

Do you need special protection for your test badges? Then finishing with protective varnish or protective laminate is ideal. Depending on how you further process the badges, we supply them individually cut, on a roll or on a sheet. Just let us know. You can find out more in our sign store.

Does Spektral-Druck carry inspection tags for my industry?

We offer specialized solutions for all industries. Especially for automotive, mineral oil, chemical industry as well as for mechanical and plant engineering we offer test badges according to your wishes and measurements.

Why Spektral-Druck for your test badge?

In our sign store you will find Spektral-Druck's extensive portfolio - including test badges. If you can't find the badge you need online or you're looking for a special solution, just ask us. We will advise you in detail, offer top service and are sure to find a solution for your requirement.