Labels for industry and trade

Adhesive labels, stickers and self-adhesive labels for B2B

You can get self-adhesive labels from us, which are suitable for numerous purposes in both trade and industry. Most of our customers use them to mark products, goods or parts. With an adhesive label or sticker you can reproduce important information. This ensures that notices, addresses, prices and much more come to the fore and are not overlooked. In addition, the number of labels does not play a major role for us. We start producing with one label, and there is no upper limit. The label is a door opener for your product. That is why it is important to pay attention to quality. If, for example, it is not legible, the adhesion does not keep its promise or the print looks inferior, this will affect the perception of your product. Therefore, the quality of our products is extremely important to us. That is why we pay careful attention to the number of colors and each individual shade. We check which adhesive is the optimal one for your application. In short, we provide you with high-quality printed and manufactured self-adhesive labels for every purpose. This way, your label becomes an advertising medium and a credible ambassador for your product. Are you looking for a specific product or do you have special requirements? Call us, we will be happy to advise you: 0711 / 55 75 25

Piggyback labels, sandwich labels and booklets

This variant of adhesive labels is especially suitable for products and goods where you want to place additional content for the customer or user. This allows you to display a lot of important information, such as application tips, ingredients, background information or important notes on a small area.

How well and how long do your labels stick?

The adhesion period is decided according to the field of application of your labels. We produce exactly what you need, from removable labels to labels with strong permanent adhesion. This also includes labels which are destroyed during a removal attempt.

What material are your B2B adhesive labels made of?

We produce your stickers and adhesive labels from the material that is the most suitable for your application: PVC, PP films, PET films, PE films, adhesive paper, etc.. We will gladly comply with your material requirements. We will also be happy to advise you on which material is recommended for your application. You will benefit from our more than 30 years of experience in the field of self-adhesive labels for B2B, trade and industry. Decisive factors are, for example:

  • The temperature and weather conditions to which the adhesive label will be exposed.
  • On which surface should the self-adhesive label adhere - is it perhaps even an oily surface?

Depending on the requirements, we can provide you with the right adhesive material to ensure that your label adheres reliably.

Refined adhesive labels for industry and trade

For a high-quality look or long-term use and improved protection, we are happy to finish your labels with protective laminate or protective varnish. This prolongs the legibility and stability of the labels in the long term, so that they are also suitable for permanent use. For example, for products or goods that have a long life, are very high quality or are stored for a long time.

How do we print your labels - with digital, offset or screen printing?

We also choose the best and most suitable printing technology for your application. Also, in terms of price-performance ratio. Further, the place of use and the number of pieces are decisive for the choice of printing technology for the adhesive labels for industry and trade. Digital printing for self-adhesive labels Digital printing is excellent for small quantities. Thanks to low setup costs, we can produce your labels cost-effectively and at an attractive price. Labels in screen printing Labels produced with screen printing convince with an excellent coverage of the color and a long durability. In this type of printing, the ink is pressed through a screen onto the desired area using a so-called squeegee. Large labels and large print runs are also wonderfully feasible here. Adhesive labels in offset printing Offset printing is an indirect flat printing process and the most widespread printing technique in the field of business equipment, book, newspaper, advertising and packaging printing. In addition, depending on the application of the labels, we can also use printing techniques such as letterpress and flexographic printing.

How can we process your labels?

In order to plan further processing with foresight and efficiency, we need to know what the exact target and intended use of your labels is. Depending on this, it is crucial whether the label is applied to a sheet for different purposes. Or whether the adhesive labels are applied to a roll or individually die-cut or cut. How is the label to be further processed, by machine or by hand? This information is also important for us. Once we have this information, we will prepare your labels exactly so that they can be processed by you like clockwork.

Why Spektral-Druck for B2B labels?

With Spektral-Druck, you get over 30 years of printing experience on board for your label project. In those more than three decades, we've printed for nearly every industry and every size of business, from one-man operations to major international corporations. Today, you'll find specialized solutions for every industry - including yours. These include temperature-resistant adhesive labels for the automotive industry as well as booklets for the food and chemical industries to place as much information as possible in the label. Your requirements are our challenge. And we always put in the same effort, for one label as well as for 10 million labels.

Our plus points at a glance:

  • Extensive range of printing and labels
  • All important printing techniques
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Industry-specific special solutions
  • Advice from our experts on adhesion, materials, printing techniques and much more.

A top service worthy of the name - as our customers confirm You have a label project or need stickers in the B2B sector?
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