Floor markings for industry, trade and craft

Are you looking for a photoluminescent guidance marking, directional arrows or anti-slip strips? With us you will find:

  • Floor markings
  • Guidance markings
  • Boundary markings

with the help of which you can place information and indications on the ground. The most commonly used floor markings are escape route symbols in the form of arrows made of slip-resistant material for smooth floor coverings. In our online store you can easily look for other floor markings.

Suitable material for floor markings for farm and road

Most of the floor markings we produce are made of PVC foils. But we are also happy to manufacture self-adhesive aluminum stair angles for you. As so often, it depends on your requirements, the surface and the purpose of the marking. Just ask us if you are unsure. We will be happy to recommend the appropriate material for your floor marking. Do you need a special solution? We are happy to manufacture that as well, for example for outdoor use. Just ask us, we have a solution for your requirement.

How does your floor marking stay durable for a long time?

Floor markings are subject to heavy wear and tear. They are walked on or driven over, for example by cars or forklifts. They have to withstand cleaning agents and cleaning machines as well as moisture and dirt. That's why we protect your guide markings, boundary markings and floor markings with a protective coating or protective laminate, so that you can use the corresponding label for a long time even under heavy loads. In addition, we offer different printing techniques, depending on the intended use. For photoluminescent escape route markings, for example, we recommend screen printing or digital printing. Digital printing uses an already colored film, which ensures a long shelf life of the luminous ink.

On which surface can I apply the floor marking?

The intended use of a floor marking determines which material and printing process is used to produce the ideal marking for the company and the road. Will the marking be applied indoors or outdoors? Is the surface smooth or rough? Is the marking to be used only for a short time or permanently? Should the marking also be slip-resistant? Possibly even a photoluminescent floor marking? All these factors determine which floor marking is the right one for your application. Just tell us how you want to use the floor marking. We'll be happy to recommend which marking is perfect for the job.

Industry specific floor markings

There are practically no industry boundaries for floor marking. We also offer special and customized solutions if you have very specific requirements for your industry. Floor markings are most frequently used in the area of operational safety, for example as marking for escape routes. We offer these markings across all industries, so feel free to ask us.

Floor markings from Spektral-Druck

In our sign store you will find Spektral-Druck's extensive portfolio - including our floor markings. If the desired marking cannot be found online or you are looking for a special solution, just ask us. We will advise you in detail, offer top service and are sure to find a solution for your requirement.