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Data Transfer

Of course, we gladly use your printing data.

In case you provide your data to us, please depend on these recommendations. This way your orders will be produced more safely, faster, cheaper and in perfect quality.

Data adoption

There is the possibility of adopting and processing electronically provided patterns. However, in addition you should consider the further information given below.

Data transfer

Transfer via FTP
The login information you can get here:
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Transfer via mail:

Transfer via Post
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70416 Stuttgart

Format of data carrier


File format

Corel Draw, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Excel, Photoshop, Word

Overflow / Overprint

For overflowing or printing over a lighter to a darker colour approx. 0.15 mm should be considered and laid out on both sides.

Halftone print patterns / - courses

With the lay out of patterns and courses please consider that the courses only contain tone values up to 2% in the single colours and that no part of the label is torn off or broken.


With started- to- cut motives please lay out 1 mm for trimming around the format.


In case you use your own writings or writings that differ from standard writings, please include these to your writing files and character sets on the data carrier. After completion of your order they will be deleted from our PCs.

Scanner resolution

With scans please mind a resolution of 300 lpi for a 1:1 size (with output sampling factor 2:1, 300 lpi, 150 dpi).


Please list the characteristics of the files, such as writings or program versions used.

Program-specific characteristics

In the programs Free-Hand or Illustrator please draw the format as a framework around the object. Define and name different kinds as an own document (no 4 c mode for special colours).

Special colours

In order to achieve an exact result, which at the same time with printing makes possible a more stable colour guidance, we print special tones, e.g. RAL or HKS tones, separated as special colours in their full shades and not as a separation in Euro-scale, if that is possible. We therefore ask you to consider this when producing the patterns.

Overflow / Overprint

If colour surfaces are laid out “smoothly”, e.g. yellow writing in a blue field, you should consider the overflow/overprint, since otherwise there will be “streakers” in the print. The overflow/overprint should always have the lighter colour opposite to the darker colour, e.g. the lighter colour is laid out with an overlapping, the darker colour fitting in size. The overlapping should really amount to 0.15 mm (some programs distribute the selected overflow to the half each).

Definition of the used terms

Overflow, overprint, outshine

With multi-colour gauge pin work colours may not be printed exactly suitably for technical reasons but differ within a small tolerance of the perfect gauge pin. For these small differences not to become visible the colours must be laid out minimally overlapping. The overlapping is called overflow, overprint or outshine. Within this information we use the term overflow/overprint.


If motives are printed up to the edge of the format they must be laid out more largely than the actual printing format on print sheets or print patterns. The part jutting out will be removed after printing by cutting it off or stamping it out. The enlargement of the format is called trimming, or more often overflow, which can lead to misunderstandings. Here the term “trimming” is used.


White or coloured edges may result from the mixing up of the printing colours. The lay out of an overflow can help to avoid this disturbing effect called “streaker” to a large extent.

For questions regarding file formats or data processing we are to your disposal at any time.

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